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Sell without an Agent. 

The tools you need to look professional and to present your property at its very best.

Selling your home is a stressful business. Selling your home without a real estate professional is stressful x 10,000!

You don't want to appear like an amateur, who could be taken advantage of. You don't want to show your property as just another average house or apartment, with no special features or benefits. 

Selling property is all about presentation.

Whether you advertise on line, sign up to the countless owner/seller websites, or just make your own signs or flyers - 

It's all about presentation!

The first thing you need is a package of great images

Master Bedroom 10.jpg

With that, we've got you covered. Fast and consistent, great value real estate media is what we do.

But remember - Selling property is all about presentation.

And that's where we stand out.

With each of our keenly priced photo packages you also receive :

• A FREE downloadable, printable flyer - that makes you look professional and your home look like a star!

• A FREE unique website, that is only about your property and none of the thousands of others on the market. 

                        This comprehensive website includes all property details, images, video, 360 pano*, a contact form,

location map and 'what's nearby'.  (*inclusions depend on which Photo Package is purchased)

Email the flyer to anyone who makes an enquiry. Print it out and give it out, if you have 'open for inspection' days.

The QR code on the flyer links directly to your home's unique website.

Include your home's unique website address in the property description, if you've signed up to an owner/seller portal.

Include your unique website URL if you promote your home on Social Media (which you should!)

Send it to any one who is interested.

To find out more 'submit this form', or simply call Tim on 0414 326 692

Thanks for submitting!

example flyer.png
Example Website.png

Full Colour Hi Res Flyer example         +         Unique Interactive Website example

Why give $26,000* to a real estate agent, when we give you the tools to help you advertise?

(*average agent commission in Brisbane on a $1,000,000 property sale)

It's a Win/Win! 

For the price of professional real estate media, you also receive FREE marketing materials

to help your property stand out in a cluttered marketplace.

 If you're serious about being an owner/seller these are the tools you need:

• Great photographs and videos

• A professional flyer that highlights your property's features, perfectly.

• A unique website that contains EVERYTHING  - photos, videos, panos. maps, 'what's nearby'* - everything to help seal the sale! 

(*inclusions depend on which Photo Package is purchased)

Check, Check and Check!

To find out more 'submit this form', or simply call Tim on 0414 326 692

Thanks for submitting!

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