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  • Tim Bond

"How long does it take to photograph my property?"

That's a good question. Before it can be answered, we need to ask a couple of other questions.

How big is your home?

It goes without saying that a multi level 6 bedroom, expansive home on acreage will take longer to capture in photos and video than a modest three bedroom home in the suburbs. And just what level of expertise do you want and how finished a product? The fast shoot has interior images with light streaming through the windows, so they appear over exposed or blown out. Click and Capture! The more considered shoot employs multiple exposures that in post production enable us to reveal the spectacular view outside, as if the viewer is standing in the room themselves. Looks much better, but takes a little more time. Are you picky about colour cast on the walls or ceiling,(we are!), how about minimising unavoidable shadows? Again, both are very important but add a little time on the day (lighting) and a little more in post-production.

How much media do you want?

Are you after just stills images, or do want video as well? Exterior and interior?

How about a twilight shoot, capturing the beauty of your home at twilight.

We have about an hour to capture the best images at golden hour, so at most we can through get three or four different setups in that time frame. But that hour, while very important, is at the end of a couple hours capturing interior and other exterior shots.

Would you like some added extras with that?

360˚ Panoramas are a great asset to selling your home. They are involving and revealing. Your potential purchaser can literally play with them for hours, checking every room, all the storage and space, until they feel they intimately know everything your property has to offer.

Depending on the complexity of the rooms, (mirrors on every wall make it difficult) and the available light, or lack of it, you could be looking at another hour for 6 room panos.

Drones bring a little pizazz to your home.

Suddenly, sweeping aerial shots aren't the sole property of blockbuster Hollywood films or multi-million dollar mansions. Drone footage can give any house a presence and an allure that ground based video and stills simply can't compete with. Not to mention an aerial

Drone image's unique ability to place/locate your property in its environment. See the image below. But again, time is needed to plan a successful drone shoot. The weather, powerlines, trees, even the neighbours can all impact on the time it takes to put a drone up, take the footage/still images and bring it back down again safely.

So how long does it take?

How good a job do you want? A simple, but professional image shoot only should take about an hour. With all the bells and whistles, add another hour or two.

But believe us, when you see the end result, you will realise it's time well spent.

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