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  • Tim Bond

Take buyers for an inspection, from the comfort of their lounge-room.

360˚ Panoramas are, quite truthfully, magic. They are a combination of modern technology and artistry. Five shots and a couple of photoshop sessions later and you have a beautiful, fluid moving tour of your property. Something prospective buyers can go back to time and time again, to check the views from that window, or the size of the room itself, or the oven and cooktop in the kitchen...etc etc.

There are many types of panorama cameras available to the real estate photographer. Specialised cameras that cost a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. I'm a traditionalist. Simply with our Sony mirrorless camera we are able to create beautiful crisp moving images that really do bring the property to life. We think cheaper 360 cameras simply can't compete.

But why bother with panoramas - aren't normal stills good enough?

360s are simply more immersive, more impressive and grab the attention of more potential customers on social media platforms like Facebook. A recent US study found that 70% of marketers who have used 360 images, say it increased their online engagement (study by Gannon 2018). 360˚ Panoramas also assure more eyes on your content, the study by Branova in 2017 found that 360s gained 45% more interactions than traditional 2D photos.

And if you're selling a small apartment, a well composed panorama can give the impression of space and room, far better than a flat image.

There are panos and then there are PANOs

As we hinted at previously, not all panoramas are created equal. Quite a few operators choose the cheap option, but still charge full tilt. You can see the average quality in their work - it's usually low res, soft focus and sometimes, out of alignment. They do it because it's the fast way to create a panorama. We don't work that way, our 360s only take a little longer (maybe 30 minutes, depending on the job), but they always look crisp, in alignment and with true colours and window views. And the value of the home is irrelevant to the amount of work we put into the pano. We always correct any artificial colour cast on walls and ceilings, (usually caused by reflections from furniture and timber floors) and we always place some vision on a room's TV screen (usually your agency logo).

Click here to see some real examples of our work:

So don't hold back using panoramas for any of your properties. The best ons have been proven to work.

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