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Fast & Consistent - Great Value - Real Estate Media

We visit the property prior to shoot day to check lighting conditions and talk over any specific requirements.

We also like to measure up for the floor plans at this time as well.

This is done at a time that suits and is included in your package price. 

Larger, multi-storey properties, requiring a full day shoot, will need to be quoted separately.

Please contact us for more information.

Optional Services you can add to a package, or purchase separately:

The Full Colour Flyer PDF and your Unique Home Website are only available in a package buy

MATTS Bedroom Sunroom copy.jpg

5 Key Images of a rental property. Shot to our high standards. Includes 'Window Pulls', Excludes Twilight shots.

Landlord Package

$225 (includes GST)


All our floor plans are easy to read 2D, and are accurate within acceptable limits.

Floor Plans

$120 (includes GST)

Mavic Pro 2.jpeg

Up to 2 minutes with Music Bed. Drone work is dependent on CASA location rules and weather.

Drone Video

$495 (includes GST)

Mavic Pro 2.jpeg

3 - 6 images. Drone work is dependent on CASA location rules and weather.

Drone Images

$198 (includes GST)


Up to 2 minutes with Music Bed  and  up to 10 graphics. 

Walk-Through Video

$495 (includes GST)


360˚ Panorama virtual home tour - up to 5 rooms. 

360˚ Interior Panoramas

$385 (includes GST)


360˚ panorama virtual tour of exterior locations (e.g Pool area). Up to 3 locations.

360˚ Exterior Panoramas

$330 (includes GST)

• If you are using an agent we can work with them as presenter to camera, or supply a professional voice over following a script written by us.                       (Extra audio, director and scripting fees may apply)

• Full day projects where there is a level of complexity involved, are priced between $1500 and $5000. These are quoted separately after a full briefing.

• Drone usage is dependent on CASA rulings for your location (for example - Is your property close to an airport?)

• We retain copyright on all images and they cannot be used for any purpose other than the original job your property.

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